Rebeca Lane

Wo El Lokal
Gessnerallee 11
8001 Zürich
Wann Samstag, 28. Januar 2017
ab 20:20
Typ Konzert
Musikstil Hip Hop

Live: Rebeca Lane

Beschrieb des Veranstalters 32-year old Rebeca Lane (ne: Rebeca Eunice Vargas Tamayac) with her huge talent as a rapper and poet is also sociologist and activist with a revolutionary heart and voice. Shes also in a sense the product of the bloody civil war and its aftermath that raged in Guatemala for 36 years and was triggered by the assassination of the democratically elected Jacobo Arbenz in 1954 followed by several subsequent military dictatorships, lackeys of the U.S. and the criminal United Fruit Company. 200000 people lost their lives, the majority indigenous farmers with Mayan forbearers who were stripped of all their rights as workers and as human beings. Reminding her people of that dark period, Rebeca first became revered for her hip-hop piece "Cumbia de la Memoria". Its a gripping testimony to her aunt who was kidnapped and never returned home.


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