Under The Tree

Wo Supermarket
Geroldstrasse 17
8005 Zürich
Wann Samstag, 18. Mai 2019
ab 23:00
Typ Party
Musikstil Elektr. Musik

DJs Dan Andrei, Jan Krüger, Rossko, Andreas Ramos, Gigi Gonzales

Beschrieb des Veranstalters During the last party Dyed Soundorom, caLLy and Romano Corsini took Supermarket apart, but don’t worry we’ve built it up again and we’re ready to welcome some new friends and old friend the 18th of May for a unique get-together that has never taken place in this form before.

Dan Andrei

If you don’t know him already you will know him after the party on the 18th of May. Already in the musical field for 5 years now and against the electronic scene he chose activating in, his influences come from rock to hip hop, soul, funk and trip hop.

Dan Andrei is not the guy that you will find on social media. It’s definitely more like that you will find him doing the warm-up for Ricardo Villalobos and [a:rpia:r], or playing at Sunwaves, rather than on Facebook.

As releases, he has under his name Just Music and Saint Omar, at Be Chosen and Untitled 1 / Untitled 2 and Ramble on / Four Sticks, at Kurbits Records. Other appearances feature In the mix - Green and Blue, at Cocoon Recordings, 3rd exposure at Exposed Audio, 200709 at Loopzilla and Taram EP, released by [a:rpia:r]. You better write his name on your 'must listen to' list, because he is worthy to be heard!

We're thrilled to have him soon the first time under the tree.


YES, YES our good friend Ross is back at our favourite grocery store! After his last time under the tree and one of his best set we’ve ever witness from him he is back in town!

DJ. Raver. Record Collector. Music Head. Healer. He is one of the few DJ’s that’s made his name through the immense quality of his DJing alone. Armed with a relentless library, blurring cutting edge House, Techno & forgotten gems of the past! A true raver himself, its evident Rossko's consistency and understanding of the dance floor will continue to move people with his ever-evolving sound.

Jan Krueger

The man who was there when everything started, is back to visit us. He was part of our very first under the tree back in December 2017 and played some of the most sophisticated tracks we ever heard…

“Jan Krueger is one half of the legendary label Hello?Repeat Records together with Daze Maxim. Writing about him is always a pleasure because Jan Krueger just for existing artistically already challenges a cliché created in more modern times in the so called ‘electronic music industry’, that, a DJ has to be a producer to achieve success. You see, he is the living proof that if you love what you do, have absolute respect for your music and on top of it all, possesses one of the most precise mixing techniques ever seen, that yes, you can be ‘just’ a DJ and trust me, he can. Only just going back into production now, Krueger sustains a beautiful Djing career without actively releasing music himself but proves to be an excellent A&R for Hello?Repeat Records alongside Daze Maxim.” - Words by Isis

Andreas Ramos

The fourth one who’s joining this unique get-together is Zürich’s most famous record store owner, Andreas Ramos! Shaking up Zürich’s nightlife since years, his floaty and exceptional music taste represents the city groove perfectly. It’s always a pleasure to have him!

Gigi Gonzales

Gigi is very well-known in our city not only because he is a pretty good selector, but also because where Gigi is, there must be trouble. He is always on fire at the front. With him, fun is inevitable! Let’s see what he will deliver when he will be playing for the first time under the tree.

Without YOU there would be no US!

Come and discover what's under the tree...


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