Kpop Night

Wo Hard One
Hardstrasse 260
8005 Zürich
Wann Samstag, 05. Februar 2022
ab 23:00
Typ Party
Musikstil Hip Hop und K-Pop

Sani, Ping

Mindestalter 18 Jahre
Beschrieb des Veranstalters OfficialKEvents is the largest KPop Clubbing Events organiser in the world. Our London & Paris club nights bring in over 2000+ attendees monthly, hosting in 25+ countries. We now bring you an unforgettable night in Zurich at HARDONE!

OfficialKEvents DJs will be playing ONLY K-Pop, K-Hip-hop & K-EDM tracks throughout the night, until 5 AM !

Start planning your evening for the Biggest and Best club night and dance to your favorite K-Pop & K-Hip-Hop tunes!


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